Establishing on January 8th, 1998, Phuong Nam Foodstuff Corp is specializing on shrimp raising, processing and exporting. We are located in the Mekong delta which is known for its rich aquaculture thus has a plentiful supply of raw material. Besides, we are also involving in farming by ourselves and investing to farmers. With this approach we are capable of fully integrating processes and supplying the safest, freshest and antibiotic-free products to our customers.

Phuong Nam is equipped with the most modern machines imported from Sweden, Denmark, U.K., Japan and the U.S.A. Our advanced technique in farming, processing and an effective traceability system allow us to track products back to the pond, ensure full control on food hygiene and safety as well as banned antibiotics. We have kept enhancing our product quality and obtained the following certificates: HACCP, BRC, ISO 22000 : 2005, ACC, HALAL and EU code DL181. Our plant has been frequently audited and approved by many big supermarkets in the U.S.A., Japan and Europe.

Having the above advantageous conditions together with young and active workforce who are dedicated, full of enthusiasm, and continuously improve their skill, Phuong Nam yearly has been products for US, Japan, EU, Canada, Middle East, Korea… markets under the names of Seagull, Phuong Nam, and custom-pack with private label for customers.

Phuong Nam has been strongly trusted by its customers thanks to its product quality and long term business policy.